Legal cases are handled at trial court levels but upon completion one of the parties involved may file an appeal to higher courts known as the appellate court. The practice of appellate law seeks to correct errors or overturn court decisions that were made at lower court levels in both criminal and civil litigation. Handling appeals in appellate courts require acting in a timely manner, sophisticated legal analysis, exceptional research, and both intensive writing and oral argument skills. 


Donald Gallick brings his hard-working and fearless approach to every appellate case to seek out justice to correct legal errors and ensure that proper law was applied in your case. Donald will carefully analyze trial records, research case law, draft collaborative appellate briefs, and present an oral argument for your appellate case. The oral argument is a relatively small part of the case. The strength of the appeal rests on the shoulders of the appellate lawyer's attention to the law, tenacious research, and ability to draft a written brief. This is where Donald Gallick excels in being your committed advocate throughout the demanding appeal process. 


As a former prosecuting attorney, Donald Gallick provides legal counsel in all of Ohio's courts of appeals and the Ohio Supreme Court for all civil and criminal cases. He has argued appeals before the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in federal court, and Second, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, Tenth, and Eleventh District Court of Appeals in the appellate courts of Ohio. 




Experience in criminal and civil appeals to all of the

appellate courts in Ohio, including the Ohio Supreme Court.


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